Creative Concept | Feels Like Fidelity

Client Fidelity Investments     Timeline Aug 2015
My Role Art Direction, Campaign Design
Team Creative Director: Russell Miyaki     Art Director: Linlin Yang     Copy Writer: Stephen Dix 

Challenge/Core Positioning
Be your best self. Build a better life.
- Purpose-driven: what’s in it for the candidate and why they should commit to Fidelity’s mission.
- Differentiates Fidelity from talent competitors’ customer-focused and values-driven messaging.
- Reinforces your best self and will shine when you’re given the trust and autonomy to do the job right – and own the results.
- Focus on ‘better’ aligns with Fidelity’s goal of continual improvement.
- Speaks to both the candidate’s life and the work they’ll do to help Fidelity’s customers live better lives.
- Demonstrates life time engagement between Fidelity and Associates – on all levels.

Rationale: Feels Like Fidelity
When you’re at your best, it feels good. You feel unstoppable. Invincible. Like you could achieve just about anything you set your mind to. You feel refreshed, energized and ready to roll. And that’s what it feels like to work with Fidelity, helping customers achieve their financial goals while achieving your best and building a career you can be proud of. 
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