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School Project Underground Conversation     Timeline Dec 2014
Project Type Independent

In NYC subway stations, advertisers are failing to take advantage of people’s waiting time. They are losing an opportunity to engage a captive target audience, due to an over reliance on rigid print ads.

While it is impossible to immediately change all print ads to digital screens in NYC subway stations, technology and marketing methods available to us today open up a wide range of advertising options. I believe that today’s technology allows designers to integrate physical print ads into the digital landscape. I will use graphic impact, viral marketing methods and digital technology to explore new creative possibilities of subway advertising which are compelling and engaging.

Interactive Underground Advertising System
A cost-effectively interactive underground advertising system that uses NFC chips to engage customers, and give them even more. In order to raise the awareness in the public (consumers & advertisers) of this innovative subway ad system, it starts with mobile activated print posters and delivers exclusive free content in seconds. The content includes underground public services info (maps, estimated train arrival time) and entertainment pieces (songs, movies E-books) to make things easier for customers in the underground world. All they need to do is to turn on the NFC in their smartphones, and tap the touch point to get things they want

At the same time, such valuable free content demonstrates the phone to smart poster sharing capabilities, and this new behavior and experience serves as advertising and tutorial for NFC Underground.
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