P&G VR Experience

Client Procter & Gamble     Timeline Apr 2018
My Role Art Direction, Experiential Design, Extra
Team Creative Director: Nick Vacca, Jess Benoit     Art Director: Linlin Yang    Copy Writer: Callie Smith

The ultimate goal is to shift perceptions about P&G through a dependable, scalable & interactive 360/VR experience around the world. Through this “Behind the Scenes” experience, users will quickly learn that P&G is a future-forward company where you can work with leading brands, innovative technology and be able to make a personal and professional impact from Day 1.

Build immersive and interactive experiences that highlight innovation to change perception.
Celebrate the meaningful work done by P&G.
Educate people about P&G’s leading brands.
Show the impact the company has on the world.
Demonstrate the wide range of career areas and opportunities.

The User chooses from one of the leading brands to start the experience. When any hotspot is selected, the user will watch a video, hear an interview, see an animated infographic or any other information that tells the story of how the product helps make moments like these happen. Across the VR, content will cover everything from innovation and technology to branding and marketing, to environmental impact, and more.

Design Process 
Measurable metrics
Data can be collected about where the user spent most of their time and what type of products and stories they interacted with the most.
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