Creative Concept | Break Free From Ordinary

Client Samsung     Timeline May 2015
My Role Art Direction, Campaign Design, Visual Design, Web Design
Team Creative Director: Ted Kirschner     Art Director: Linlin Yang     Copy Writer: Christina Pitsinos 

Perform a creative exploration to Samsung — a recruitment marketing campaign to provide various candidate sets across the North American markets with relevant contents.

- Raise/promote career opportunities among quality candidates.
- Showcase Samsung’s diverse product portfolio.
- Position Samsung as a leader in the space of technology.

Rationale: Break Free From Ordinary
The pioneering spirit is an intrinsic part of Samsung’s identity. It’s a company built on intellect, ingenuity, and valor, by people who share those same qualities. These are the truths we aim to express with “Break Free from Ordinary.” By positioning Samsung as a company that values ideas and the individual contributors who come up with them, we’re speaking directly to candidates who embody traits of successful employees. We highlight current employees as a means to inspire prospective candidates, and also to demonstrate the elite level of talent that can be found throughout the organization. “Break Free from Ordinary” invites pioneering spirits to escape the mundane and discover the extraordinary possibilities of a career with Samsung. 

Careers Site: Virtual Interview
Oftentimes, interviewing elicits feelings of nervousness and anxiety—which is why a lot of people don’t enjoy the experience. What people really want from the interview process is the reassurance of a human connection and a good understanding of who they will be working for/with

To Break Free from Ordinary, we’ll offer the option of a virtual interview. This experience allows candidates to interview with visionaries from different levels of the organization—from anywhere in the world, 24/7. This unique initiative offers insight into the minds of some of the most influential people at Samsung, and gives candidates a better understanding of the company’s cultureThe rigor of the questions will appeal to the kinds of candidates Samsung is looking to attract, and will yield a candidate pool that favors quality over quantity. 
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