The Unexpectedly Disney Campaign

Client The Walt Disney Company     Timeline Oct 2016
My Role Art Direction, Campaign Design, Experiential Design
Team Creative Director: Russell Miyaki, Jess Benoit     Art Director: Linlin Yang     Copy Writer: Kelly Clark 

Develop a globally scalable creative platform that bolsters Disney’s employer brand reputation with techies by capturing their attention, then efficiently and effectively fostering brand favorability.

Key Research Insights
- Disney is not seen as a technology company.
- Limited understanding of the Disney employment brand from a technology perspective.
- Primary consideration is the nature of work through the lens of challenge, innovation, variety, impact, freedom.
- When cutting-edge technology meets Disney creativity, there are no limits to what can be developed.
- Readily identified technology companies, particularly those with high visibility, are seen as the most likely and most desirable places to find the type of work that would fulfill the above criteria.
- The market already can imagine that technology likely has a role in the Disney brand experience. What is needed is the visibility and transparency to help the tech audience connect to the realization of applying their skills to Disney.
- Disney consumer brand is associated with many positive attributes that lend themselves as building blocks for the technology employment brand. These include creativity, fun, magic and scope.

- Techie talent is overwhelmingly passive.
- TWDC not top-of-mind/initially seen as “cutting edge”
- They’re often bombarded (content, recruiters, etc.)
- Dwindling attention spans; fragmented journey

- Break through to grab attention & awareness before we can engage the audience.
- Build bridge: tangible (i.e. Disney experience) to the tech
- Follow-through: focus on lifecycle; converting consideration
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